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The Sacramento Traffic Citation Clinic was among the original law firms to specialize in traffic violations such as speeding tickets, driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence, and traffic warrants.

Since 1984 the Sacramento Traffic Citation Clinic has helped thousands of motorists in the greater Sacramento area. We are able to offer excellent representation at affordable prices. Consult with us if you have a traffic related matter in the Sacramento area or have a suspension or revocation at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Legal Updates

Red Light Cameras

Now there is the case of People v. Goldsmith from the Second Appellate District which holds that red light photos are not hearsay and do not need foundational evidence that the computer maintining the evidence was functioning properly. This is contrary to Bozakian and Khaled mentioned below. - May 2012

A split of opinion among the courts on the admissibility of photos in red light camera cases has now been decided by the Second District Court in People v. Borzakian. It upheld the decision in People v. Khaled which found that the photos were hearsay and needed certain foundational evidence to be admitted. - January 2012

Traffic School

For violations occurring on or after July 1, 2011, California courts started reporting a traffic school citation as a conviction on a driving record instead of a dismissal. If the driver is eligible and completes a traffic school course, this conviction will be masked on the record. Once a conviction is masked on the record, it will not become unmasked nor assessed a violation point.

A TVS conviction will not be masked if:

Ten Year Revocation

Driving Under the Influence (AB 1601/Hill) Effective in January 1, 2012, this bill authorizes a court to order a 10-year revocation of the driver license of a person convicted of a third or subsequent DUI violation, with possible reinstatement after five years if specified conditions are met

Move-over Law

California Vehicle Code section 21809 extends the requirement to change lanes to move away from a stationary emergency vehicle to now include Department of Transportation vehicles which are stationary with amber lights flashing. - January 2010

Breath Tests

The California Supreme Court has held that breath tests may be attacked on the grounds that they could be in error for a percentage of the population. This does not affect the crime of driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. It only applies to the charge of driving while impaired. PEOPLE V. TIMMIE LANCE McNEAL - July 2009

Vehicle Searches

Overruling previous decisions allowing police to search a vehilce whenever they arrest an occupant, the U.S. Supreme Court in Arizona v. Gant held that police may search the passenger compartment of a vehicle incident to a recent occupant's arrest only if it is reasonable to believe that the arrestee might access the vehicle at the time of the search or that the vehicle contains evidence of the offense of arrest. - April 2009

Last updated: March 28, 2013.